A wonderful collection of 925 Hallmarked Sterling Silver bangles.
Whether you are looking for classic, contemporary or handmade pieces, this is the place to be.
104 results
Anoushka Bangle - VBGL673L
Leaping Panther Bangle - SBGL671
Anoushka Bangle - VBGL673
Sandakan Bangle - VBGL173
Helena Silver Bangle - SBGL857
Aida Bangle - VBGL171RMS
Aida Bangle - VBGL171TQ
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Aida Bangle - VBGL171LA
Alhambra Bangle - SBGL773
Luela Bangle - SBGL105
Runway Bangle - SBGL847
Kalea Bangle - SBGL110
Magdalen Bangle -SBGL267
Suki Cuff Bangle - SBGL185
Simply Silver Bangle - VBGL332
Silver Braid Bangle - VBGL229
Amisha Bangle - VBGL228
Quattro Stack Bracelet - SBRC1533
Amazon Trio Bracelet - SBRC1573
Pink Deco Bangle - VBGL226
Imprint Bangle - VBGL225
Christiana Bangle - SBGL831
Baroque Bangle - SBGL772
Olia Bangle - VBGL224
104 results
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