Gift Ideas Under £50

Looking for the perfect gift or to treat yourself to something special. Our range of reasonably priced gift ideas will help you find just the sort of jewellery you want.
868 results
Moonfall Pendant - VP342
Ellora Earrings - VE386
Purple Rainbow Ring - VR545B
A Little Sunshine Pendant - VP341
Spring Leaf Pendant - SP2450
Turquoise Ball Earrings - VE380
Corsage Bracelet - SBRC823
Flapper Girl Necklace - VNKL313
Claudine Bracelet - SBRC1781
Fortuna Necklace - SCHN807
Curious Cat Ring - SR2297
Shimmering Heart Necklace - SCHN1323
Halo Hoop Earrings - SE5742
Pastel Pearl Bracelet - SBRC1702
Luna Rose Earrings - SE5360
Outro Necklace - SCHN864
Spellbound Pendant - VP448
Roxie Necklace - SCHN1057
Bellisimo Pendant - VP442
Classic Silver Hoop Earrings - SE5390
Dilly Pendant - SCHN1303
Golden Wisp Earrings - SE5827
Silver Branch Ring - SR2330
October Wrap Ring - VR460
868 results
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