Opulent Organics

A simply stunning collection of Designer jewellery inspired by nature. Handcrafted Plain and Gold embellished Silver. Set with a dazzling and unusual selection of natural stones, pearls and shells.
54 results
Moonwalk Pendant - VP340
Moonwalk Pendant - VP340
From £105.00
Cadence Pendant - VP234M
Honeycomb Heart Pendant - SCHN1324
Honeycomb Heart Earrings - SE5794
Firedance Ring - VR545
Lianne Ring - VR412
Lianne Ring - VR412
White Cloud Earrings - VE311
Corsage Bracelet - SBRC822
Idolise Bracelet - SBRC1592
Sensia Necklace - SCHN1335
Sensia Bracelet - SBRC1748
Sabine Bracelet - VBRC336
Glacier Leaf Ring - VR307
Turquoise Heaven Bracelet - VBRC324
Supernova Slice Pendant - VP212
Christiana Bangle - SBGL831
Ocean Swirl Earrings - VE409FP
Satin Shimmer Ring - VR716
Glacier Ice Earrings - VE338
Baroque Bangle - SBGL772
Bronze Lustre Necklace - VNKL449
Ice Wall Ring - VR709
Ice Wall Earrings - VE701
54 results
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