Our collection of 925 Hallmarked Sterling Silver rings.
Beautiful Semi-Precious stones, contemporary plain Silver designs, statement rings & stackers, we have something for everyone.
400 results
Purple Rainbow Ring - VR545B
Deep Blue Sky Set - VSET220
Tesqua Ring - VR391
Ancient Ocean Ring - VR387
Love in a Spin Ring - SR2273
Evelyn Ring - VR386
Cadence Ring - VR385M
Monique Ring - SR1518
Moonriver Ring - SR2070
Curious Cat Ring - SR2297
Blue River Ring - VR383BT
Night Flight Ring - SR2322
Irina Ring - VR215BT
Spellbound Ring - SR2274
Sunset Duo Ring - SR2348
Amazonia Ring - SR2331
Caron Ring - VR466
Silver Branch Ring - SR2330
October Wrap Ring - VR460
Green Tree Ring - VR456
Sold Out
Tradewinds Ring - SR2341
Firedance Ring - VR545
Esther Vintage Silver Ring - VR453
Lianne Ring - VR412
400 results
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