Beach Babes

Summer Holidays & Beach Vacations. Its time to paint your toenails, pop on your anklets & toe rings & accessorise with seashells, beads & bright Summer colours.
414 results
Sea Shimmer Earrings - VE531
Seagrass Bracelet - SBRC1764
Monique Ring - SR1518
Anoushka Bangle - VBGL673
Roxie Necklace - SCHN1057
Golden Wisp Earrings - SE5827
Amazonia Ring - SR2331
Moonlit Pool Pendant - SCHN1276
Moonlit Pool Earrings - SE5458
Tradewinds Ring - SR2341
Blue Capri Pendant - VSP799
Adeline Pendant - VP305
White Cloud Earrings - VE311
Dainty Dots Toe Ring - VTR123
Turquoise Tear Pendant - SP3083
Tiki Wave Ring - VR491
Skylar Earrings - SE5792
Seagreen Ring - VR490
Whispering Palm Pendant - VP459
Ocean Toe Ring - VTR122
Oceanswept Pendant - VP458
Oceanswept Earrings - VE608
Pacific Bracelet - VBRC340
Summer Starfish Pendant - VP457
414 results
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