Birthstone for July - Moonstone

Julys Birthstone is the mystic & beautiful Moonstone.
The moonstone is characterised by an enchanting play of light & owes its name to that mysterious shimmer which looks different as the stone is moved.
In ancient times people believed they could recognise in it the waxing and waning phases of the moon.
The discreet colours of the Moonstone in connection with the fine shimmer make it an ideal gemstone for jewellery with a sensual and feminine aura.
87 results
Ellora Earrings - VE386
Moonwalk Pendant - VP340
Moonwalk Pendant - VP340
From £105.00
Love in a Spin Ring - SR2273
Evelyn Ring - VR386
Emilia Earrings - VE389
Cadence Ring - VR385M
Cadence Pendant - VP234M
Danna Stud Earrings - VE305 (12 colours)
Agnes Bracelet - VBRC346RMS
Aida Bangle - VBGL171RMS
Peppermint Pebbles Ring - SR2237
Sensia Necklace - SCHN1335
Sensia Bracelet - SBRC1748
Jaipur Moon Ring - VR485
Mermaid's Tear Ring - VR484
Blue Moon Ring - VR479
Sold Out
Angelica Ring - VR333
Angelica Ring - VR333
From £44.00
Blythe Ring - VR327
Golden Moonlight Necklace - VNKL250MS
Moona Earrings - VE396RM
Quattro Stack Bracelet - SBRC1533
Abigail Ring - SR2291
Indra Pendant - SP3039
Indra Pendant - SP3039
From £59.00
Amazon Trio Bracelet - SBRC1573
87 results
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