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View our luxurious unique Silver and semi precious stone collection. Designed for those of you looking for that special statement piece. Each design is individual & each stone is unique. If you love it, order now, as there will never be another quite like it.
344 results
Pearl Fantasy Bracelet - SBRC1008
Purple Rainbow Ring - VR545B
Deep Blue Sky Set - VSET220
Peacock Brooch- VBR109
Marian Ring - VR388
Deep Purple Pendant - VP323
Global Beauty Bracelet - VBRC348
Ancient Ocean Ring - VR387
Camelia Bracelet - VBRC347FP
Moonwalk Pendant - VP340
Moonwalk Pendant - VP340
From £105.00
Crianza Earrings - VE402
Corsage Bracelet - SBRC823
Rock Crystal Pendant - VP339
Cadence Ring - VR385M
Cadence Pendant - VP234M
Ambre Bracelet - SBRC1428
Fortuna Necklace - SCHN807
Sulawesi Bracelet - JBRC101
Mila Pendant - VP359B
Mila Pendant - VP359B
From £62.00
Spellbound Pendant - VP448
Bellisimo Earrings - VE383
Bellisimo Pendant - VP442
Mariah Earrings - VE379
Chrystia Bracelet - VBRC135
344 results
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