Birthstone for October - Opal

Like lightning or a rainbow, Opal flashes it's brilliance with the slightest movement. This is a stone said to inspire love, hope, & happiness & is said to be capable of providing great luck as it possesses all the virtues of the gemstones whose colours reside within it & also worn to supposedly strengthen sight & healing to the eyes. Traditionally it is also the gift given for a 14th wedding anniversary.
55 results
Monique Ring - SR1518
Moonriver Ring - SR2070
Honeycomb Heart Pendant - SCHN1324
Honeycomb Heart Earrings - SE5794
Night Flight Ring - SR2322
Opal Divine Earrings - SE5706
Shimmering Heart Necklace - SCHN1323
Dilly Pendant - SCHN1303
Mahina Pendant - SP2991
Mahina Earrings - SE5370
Cordelia Bracelet - VBRC320
Baroque Bangle - SBGL772
Hearts Of Opal Earrings - SE5272
Med Glamour Ring - SR2161
Sky Drop Earrings - SE5380
Opra Ring - SR2045
Opal Sun Earrings - SE5065
Pink Sparkle Ring (Oct) - SR2130
Pink Sparkle Pendant (Oct) - SP2920
Misty Morning Earrings - SE5246
Misty Morning Pendant - SCHN1209
Boulder Opal Pendant - VP431
Aurelie Ring - VR449
Pink Sparkle  Studs (Oct) - SE5062
55 results
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