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Our Silver Earrings Collections offer a wide choice of drop earrings, hoop earrings and simple Silver stud earrings. Pared down elegance by day or sparkling jewel encrusted danglies for after dark.
Whatever the occasion or season Volcano has the perfect earrings to add wow factor !
721 results
Sea Shimmer Earrings - VE531
Crianza Earrings - VE402
Trupti Earrings - VE244
Emilia Earrings - VE389
Honeycomb Heart Earrings - SE5794
Opal Divine Earrings - SE5706
Halo Hoop Earrings - SE5742
Luna Rose Earrings - SE5360
Bellisimo Earrings - VE383
Classic Silver Hoop Earrings - SE5390
Lois Earrings - VE380
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Mariah Earrings - VE379
Golden Wisp Earrings - SE5827
Dark Romance Earrings - VE290
Moonlit Pool Earrings - SE5458
Danna Stud Earrings - VE305 (12 colours)
Tanza Stud Earrings - VSE683
Eliza Earrings - VE366
Nouveau Rose Stud Earrings - VE228
Graceful Tears Earrings - VE320
Prima Stud Earrings - VE619(Choice of Gemstones)
Prima Stud Earrings - VE619
Ailsa Stud Earrings - VE618
Satin Swing Earrings - VE458C
721 results
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