With something to suit every occasion, our designs make treasured gifts. From the simplicity of delicately adorned Silver chain necklaces to vibrant Semi- Precious Stones our Silver necklaces and pendants add eye-catching glamour to every look. 
571 results
Moonfall Pendant - VP342
Rose Aura Pendant - VP316RQ
Deep Blue Sky Set - VSET220
A Little Sunshine Pendant - VP341
Peacock Brooch- VBR109
Deep Purple Pendant - VP323
Spring Leaf Pendant - SP2450
Flapper Girl Necklace - VNKL313
Cadence Pendant - VP234M
Fortuna Necklace - SCHN807
Honeycomb Heart Pendant - SCHN1324
Lime Leaf Pendant - VP462
Shimmering Heart Necklace - SCHN1323
Mila Pendant - VP359B
Mila Pendant - VP359B
From £62.00
Outro Necklace - SCHN864
Spellbound Pendant - VP448
Roxie Necklace - SCHN1057
Bellisimo Pendant - VP442
Dilly Pendant - SCHN1303
Moonlit Pool Pendant - SCHN1276
Cadence pendant - VP234A
Sold Out
Borealis Pendant - VP433
Aqua Vibrance Pendant - VP352A
Tanza Pendant - VSDP683
571 results
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