Welcome to our 925 Sterling Silver bracelets collection. Here you will find classic plain Silver designs, Silver mixed with various semi-precious Stones & intricate handmade pieces.
264 results
Camelia Bracelet - VBRC347FP
Corsage Bracelet - SBRC823
Seagrass Bracelet - SBRC1764
Claudine Bracelet - SBRC1781
Ambre Bracelet - SBRC1428
Sulawesi Bracelet - JBRC101
Aurora Bracelet - VBRC177
Pastel Pearl Bracelet - SBRC1702
Chrystia Bracelet - VBRC135
Moonlit Pool Bracelet - SBRC1654
Maid Marian Bracelet - VBRC133
Agnes Bracelet - VBRC346FWP
Agnes Bracelet - VBRC346LAB
Agnes Bracelet - VBRC346RMS
Corsage Bracelet - SBRC819
Precious Circle Bracelet - VBRC345SA
After Midnight Bracelet - VBRC343
Corsage Bracelet - SBRC822
September Sparkle Bracelet - VBRC335S
Milano Bracelet - VBRC342
Elephant Love Bracelet Stack - SBRC1539
Utah Bracelet - VBRC341
March Sparkle Bracelet - VBRC335MH
Belize Bracelet - VBRC339
264 results
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