Silver drop earrings to light up your lobes with high shine Silver or exquisite gemstones for added glamour.
455 results
White Petal Earrings - VE313
Cirque Earrings - VE673PD
Deep Blue Sky Set - VSET220
Bali Rain Earrings - VE697
Sea Shimmer Earrings - VE531
Crianza Earrings - VE402
Emilia Earrings - VE389
Opal Divine Earrings - SE5706
Luna Rose Earrings - SE5360
Bellisimo Earrings - VE383
Mariah Earrings - VE379
Golden Wisp Earrings - SE5827
Dark Romance Earrings - VE290
Eliza Earrings - VE366
Graceful Tears Earrings - VE320
White Cloud Earrings - VE311
Lime Crunch Earrings - SE5547
Turquoise Tear Earrings - SE5812
Skylar Earrings - SE5792
Tulip Earrings - VE183TQ
Oceanswept Earrings - VE608
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Silver Melody Earrings - VE600P
Anchor Earrings - VE606
Silver Conch Earrings - VE202
455 results
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